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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Universe has got my back.

As I come close to the end of this year... I lock the door of a box to never be opened again... I lock away my anxieties, my stress, my emotion,  my everything and keep it closed for the rest of my life... The only way I know now is to move forward... and forward with grace, with resonating energy, and with a smile! I separate everything that I was, I am, from everything that I ever will be.... I stride with confidence knowing that I am protected, I am cared for, and I am loved.... I let go of all the expectations which were, still are, and that ever will be... I align myself to the only source of power and love that I have known since the day I took my first breath... and I do this knowing that I am in the best hands possible... that what is to come... from today onwards... is what is meant for me, meant to be... everything that was taken away from me were not mine, not for me and never will be... 

I will ensure that my now I vibe to the tune of universe, catch up with the moon, count my stars, and travel to the galaxies far far away (even if in just my mind) and I know that the one being to make this a possibility walks beside me now onwards, holds my hand, guides me through all the twists and resides in my heart. I am forever and ever grateful for everything that was and that will be. No regrets, for it brought to this stage were I am now finally at peace.... with myself... with my universe... and most importantly with my Krishna... The battle ends tonight and I emerge victorious!


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