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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Coronavirus | Survival Tactics

Here is all you need to know and do to stay alive!

· What is a lockdown? 
The entire nation comes to standstill. It is the next level of curfew. Not following the instructions may result in a national catastrophe and mass murder of people and maybe equivalent to homicide. 

· But what about those already infected? 
Healthcare professionals and the government are taking care of them and we have seen a recovery in all the countries. 

· What happens if people do not follow lockdown? 
India will be the next Italy. The lockdown will get stricter and result in the deaths of your loved ones. 

· But how do we survive without food? 
Foodgrains, aata, milk, bakery, fruits, and vegetables will be available throughout the lockdown period. 

· Good, I will purchase for the next 1 month! 
NO, STOP! The government has assured that the supply is more than enough to last throughout the lockdown. If you start hoarding goods, it means there is less for others. Therefore, some shops are already out of items. We will have to wait for them to be restocked. Please allow the government enough time for restocking. It was our mistake that we started to hoard in selfishness which meant there was not enough for others. 

· Ok, but I need to get Maggie, Pasta, etc. I will make a list. 
No! Essential commodities only. Maggie, pasta, is not essential. Essential commodities will be pulses, food grains, wheat, rice, milk, etc. 

· I need medicines!!! 
Medicals are equipped to give you medicines. The same principle is applied. If you start to stock up there will not be enough for the rest. Get only essential and necessary stock. 

· How do I go out if there is a lockdown? 
Carry your ID with you, which has your address on it. Go only to nearby stores, do not travel across the city in search of commodities, this result is hoarding and uneven distribution. If you are stopped by Police, show them your ID, inform them you stay here and that you are out of supplies. Please do not hurdle up and go together. Each man for self. Every household has a minimum of 2 people, you can take turns to get the groceries. The best way is to order online. 

· I fear getting infected if I go out during lockdown. 
Maintain social distancing, cover yourself with a scarf, if there is a line outside the shop, please wait for your turn. You may have to ask others to maintain an acceptable distance. Do not touch your face or eyes. Once you are back, take shower immediately, wash your clothes with Dettol. Ensure to wash all the fruits and vegetables before storing them. For packed products, use spare clothes to wipe them clean. This should reduce the chance of infection to some extent. 

· Should I get groceries daily? 
No. Get enough for 1 week. The lockdown is for 3 weeks. So that means once every week you may go out. If you can order online, then you can avoid going out completely. 

· The shop near me has run out of commodities. 
Ask the vendor when they are expecting to restock. If you can wait, then please wait. If you are completely out of stock, check with your local corporation if they can help you out. 

· I need cash. 
The ATMs are functional, cash withdrawal can be from any bank ATM. It is still suggested you use google pay, Paytm, etc. For payment to avoid contact. 

· Is this so serious? 
Yes, it is. If you do not follow the instructions, you will be the reason why India is wiped clean of all its citizens. 

· What can I do to help? 
Stay home. Keep your family home and safe. Exercise and work out to boost your immunity power. Do not go out without any emergency. Report anyone who is suspicious of having caught the virus. Support your administrative authorities by following their instructions.   

· But I am (insert any religion here), this will not affect me. 
False. Coronavirus will not ask you for your caste certificate and birth certificate. It will infect your irrespectively. And when it does, you will end up infecting your entire community. So, please be very careful. 

· What do I do during the lockdown? 

Here is a list:

  1. Take up a challenge 
  2. Learn some hobby 
  3. Learn to cook 
  4. Spend time with family 
  5. Play board games, cards, antakshari, etc. 
  6. Listen to soulful music, dance like no one is watching 
  7. Meditate & Yoga
  8. Watch 1 movie a day 
  9. Read a book 
  10. Watch that TV series you always meant to 
  11. Limit the time you watch the news 
  12. Work out for at least 1 hour daily 
  13. Video call all your friends and relatives 
  14. Get certified online for any of your hobbies 
  15. Small business - aim to go digital, explore your opportunities 
  16. Working from home? – consider upgrading yourself with latest articles and impact on your field of work
  17. Budgeting – Budget your expenses and allocated them with care
  18. Follow the WHO, Prime Minister & Chief Minister for an authentic, first-hand account of news and data (this is eradicating all the rumors and keep you up to date)
  19. Communicate with your neighbors through the window 
  20. Connect with all the acquaintances to check their wellbeing
  21. Clean and organize your house
  22. Help your mother/wife to maintain daily cleaning 
  23. Get to know your family better
  24. Build an at-home obstacle course for your kids
  25. Set aside ‘activity time’ for your kids and you
  26. Show your children informative and educational videos
  27. Catch up on the documentaries which you may have missed
  28. Line up a few short movies, nataks (plays) on YouTube
  29. Spend time with your musical instruments 
  30. Enroll yourself for various online classes taking place
  31. Catch up on the lost sleep, get plenty of rest 
  32. Pamper yourself with a foot massage
  33. Prepare facial kits at home and come out of lockdown with a healthy glow
  34. Check with your neighbors when you go out for grocery (maybe only 1 person can go out and get the ration for both the households, however, do not visit their home or invite anyone over to your place)
  35. Go through your childhood memories (pictures, albums, souvenirs)
  36. Declutter your space and home
  37. Check up on your office colleagues and managers to see how they are coping up with everything
  38. Give yourself some time to just ‘stand and stare’ much like the poem 
  39. Water your plants daily! 
  40. Make a game out of the lockdown, involve the entire family, inculcate in house daily chores and allocated stars against each, the member with maximum stars at the end of lockdown deserves a special gift from every other family member. Let the race begin! 

Let the lockdown not hamper your morale. All of us are in this together and will survive together if we do not break the rules and lockdown T&Cs. If there are any further questions, you may connect with your respective municipal corporations directly.


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