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Friday, March 15, 2019

NUMI; The Guarded Loop | Book Review

Book: NUMI; The Guarded Loop
Author: Nupur Sandhu
Review posted at : Goodreads, Instagram, Amazon

Book gist:

"NUMI; The Guarded Loop" takes us through the mystic, beautiful and intriguing journey of Nuha, a sensitive young girl. She has already hit the quintessential milestones of life, yet continues to look for the oasis, searching within her soulful realms for vistas unknown. Life is seldom all about the crust. It is an inexplicable amalgamation of memories, insights and the miniature droplets of self-realization we conjure on the way. The transcendence she experiences through her journey flips her back to the revered but concealed moments from lives gone by; she morphs from a jovial youngster to an enlightened soul, having inculcated the art of being in sync with the supreme Creator. Her trysts with the mystical lead her to making soul-stirring revelations. Discover how the protagonist’s life takes a 360 degree turn when she meets someone with whom she had spent 7200 life times? Experience how the experiences of her previous lifetimes imprint and control her present? Will Nuha be able to complete the puzzle of her deep-felt connection with the stranger?

Book evaluation:

The posts by author have intrigued my interest in book a while before the book released. There was no way I was to miss this one. I must say I expected a mystic, hypnotized book cover, however, the current one isn’t quite there. When you start reading the book, the words and sentence formations fall a bit on heavier side. You will get used to it post the first chapter or two and enjoy the story plot. The narrations, character descriptions, and the story build make it a quite a good read. NUha + MInha = NUMI; that moment when the title made all the sense was certainly enlightening. You need to pay utmost attention to every word in order to follow the story. The element of twists and flashbacks is used to bring out the very essence of the story. NUMI is a sure shot way to get rid of boredom anywhere. Definitely look forward to more from the author.


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