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Friday, January 11, 2019

Never Been A Loved One | Book Review

Book: Never Been a Loved One
Author: Shivranjini Ramamurthy

Story Gist:

Don’t we all crave for love in the end? Not all of us are fortunate enough to have experienced the love we deserve. Is it necessary for this situation to change? Does it have any effect on the way your life turns? A few questions will only get answered once you read the story of CK and Sara.

Book Evaluation:

The cover page depicts an alone person, however, it could have been done more interestingly. The blurb lists down the background on which the book is based but doesn’t reveal exactly what to expect from the book. The story is much more than what is suggested from the blurb. The characters have evolved with every passing chapter. The narration of the plot is good and easy to follow. Overall, it is a story for the days when you laze around on your sofa with nothing else to do. 

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