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Monday, December 10, 2018

In conversation with... Kevin Missal...!

Kevin Missal is a 21-year-old graduate from St. Stephen’s College, who has written four novels till now ranging from crime to mythology to horror. He had written his first book at the age of 14, which was released by the Chief Minister of Delhi. His second book was written at the age of 16 and was published by a British indie-press. He is a pioneer in writing the World’s First InstaRead and is a bestseller on Amazon under horror category. He is also the co-owner and co-founder of Kalamos Literary Services, which publishes and promotes fledgling writers to make a mark in the literary industry. He currently lives in Delhi and you can contact him on

We were able to manage to get this quick chat with Kevin to give our readers more insight about the author himself. Here is what Kevin had to share with all of us:

1. If you could give any writing advice to the younger version of yourself, what would it be?
K. Be patient. 

2. Did the feedback and reviews for Kalki have any effect on the storyline or writing process of the second part?
K. It did make me focus on the major events rather than focusing on the smaller, inconsequential details. 

3. How many unpublished stories do you have?
K. More than 100! 

4. Have you Googled yourself? Were you surprised by what you found?
K. Yes! I was surprised when I found myself in HT bestseller as well as Asian Age. I had no idea. 

5. If I were to find you inside a new crayon box, what color you would be?

K. Red.

6. Is there any incident or experience while writing both the parts of Kalki that you would like to share with readers?
K. I broke up with my girlfriend in between two books. So that was a funny as life played a joke on me and scary because I was about to live the rest of my life as a lonely guy. Now the thing is, is this statement a sarcasm or the truth? Well, I will let you answer that!

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