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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Book Review | An Autumn Turmoil

Book: An Autumn Turmoil
Author: Sourabh Mukherjee

Story Gist:

Shubho experiences a Durga Puja which he is likely to remember for his entire life and the same stands true for Atreyee. What is that binds them together? Shubho is in love with his childhood friend while Atreyee is married to Abhishek. Both of them are craving for the passion which they find in each other. However, will this “passion” stand true in the tests of time and relationship? Read to find out.

Book Evaluation:

The title and cover are synced with the storyline. As the title suggests, the story has a lot to do with the way confused emotions are to be handled. It is a simple and beautiful read, perfect for those who wish to relax over the weekend or a short journey. The narration and plot are set in relevance to the story requirement. I would have certainly enjoyed another few paragraphs post where the story has currently ended, to know what Jimli’s reaction to Shubho’s revelation was.

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