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Monday, November 05, 2018

Book Review | Rise in Love

Book : Rise in Love
Author : Siddharth Roy
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Book gist:
What do most of colleges have in common? Well, love stories of course! Teenage years usually determine the way forward in life. At such tender age, Adhira, Shubham, and Abhi deal with various issues all of at once. Career choices, love life, mysteries, the ghosts of past, and humor surround these three at various stages. How are these three youngsters connected to each other? Read “Rise in Love” to find out. 

Book evaluation:
First thing first, I love the name Adhira and felt inclined towards her instantly. The narrations are character build is on spot. You will clearly make out the distinct personality of each of them. This story will certainly act as time travel and take you back to your college days and teenage years. The plot is very well written and easy to understand. The very picturesque cover captures the essence of book well. It is a good read for those who enjoy love stories. Since it’s a short read, you can very well grab this one for one of your lazy afternoons. You never know, may be, you will “Rise in Love” too. 

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