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Monday, November 05, 2018

Book Review | Minuscules : when less is more…

Book : Minuscules : when less is more…
Author : Priyanka Bhatt
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Book Evaluation :

Minuscules is a compilation of micro tales and short stories. You name a topic or a genre and you will find it in this book. At one you will feel your heart being loved and in less than a second you will cry over heartbreak. It is true to the mentioned tag line, “when less is more…” and certainly these words manage to play with an untouched chord of your heart. It is a one-sit read and the stories can be re-visited again and again as per our wish. The language is easy to understand and conveys the view point of author. All the topics covered are very relevant and relatable. One of my favorite lines from entire series is, “unfortunately, patriarchy is incurable.” The book cover is simple and this blurb sets realistic expectations. You will not be disappointed, go ahead and grab your copy!

*Book review copy received from Half Baked Beans. The views posted are honest and not influenced by anyone*

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