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Monday, November 05, 2018

Book Review : The Full Circle

Book : The full circle
Author : Namrata Gupta
Purchased at : Amazon

Book Gist:

Aditya and Zinnia are polar opposites, having nothing in common. Aditya is a traveler who likes to collect souvenirs from every place he visits. He is not a tourist but an explorer, he prefers spending his time with locals and to help them in any way he can. Whereas, Zinnia prefers stability, the sense of belonging to one place and is a tenant at her mother’s place. Twinkles and sparks fly when these path cross but doesn’t last for long. Aditya learns a secret about Zinnia which is will alter both of them forever. 

Book evaluation:

This book is a perfect example of “Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka” The entire story evokes thrill and excitement. You will want to finish the full story in one go for sure. The transitions between chapters are effortless and the very distinct characteristics of Aditya and Zinnia are clearly seen. Although the book cover is in sync with the plot perfectly. The back cover is vibrant as ever. The narration is easy to read and understand. All in all, “The full circle” makes a very good read. 

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