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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Book Review | What Will People Thing?

Book: What will people think
Author: Rashi Dubey
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Story gist:
Have we all not suffered from “What will people think” syndrome! So does Riya. Coming from a middle class background, Riya’s family is very strict. With every decision she wishes to take, there is always a counter argument. When Riya finally decides to get pass all these conflicts, she has to leave her parents and live independently. What does life has to offer to Riya once she moves out? Moreover, what is the learning for her parents, if any at all? Read to find out. 

Book Evaluation:
“Log kya kahenge” is something which every individual will relate to. Adding the ‘middle class’ tinch to it makes it more realistic and relatable. The title is perfect for the story line. Narration and language are easy to understand, clear, and precise. The decisions taken by Riya are very bold and very rarely would you find someone who would have the courage to go through with such life altering tasks. All in all, in a good book to read.

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