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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Book Review | We Never Know

Book: We never know
Author: Bhumika Monani
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Story gist:
A girl from small city of Ajmer, Jigisha, enters as a fresher at St. Edmunds College. Next three years of graduation will have a lot in store for her. Not only in terms of friendships and love but also gaining a new perspective in life. However, will she be able handle all of this? Will she survive her college life? Go back to your college days with this read.

Book Evaluation:
The story is cliché and will definitely do what it claims – take you back to college days. Those long lost crushes and best friends do have nostalgic touch to it. There was a certain disconnect between the title, cover, and the actual story. The book cover could have been something more relevant to college lifestyle, around which the story rotates. The same could be seen in terms of narration and mainly grammar. Although, a good attempt at first novel, care could have been taken for better editing and proofreading. 

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