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Monday, October 01, 2018

Book Review | Psycon

Book: Psycon
Author: Varun Tejwani
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Story Gist:

Prateek and Yashwardhan join forces to create “Psycon” A brainchild which is solely formed with the purpose to extract money to be used by political parties. There are big names involved and in the process to get the job done, they decide to make a little extra money out of the entire project. However, the success is not long lasting. CBI is involved. Will these two be able to carve their way out the obstacles ahead of them? Or are their days numbered for good? Read “Psycon” to find out. 

Book Evaluation:

Thriller? Yes. Mystery? Included. Politics? Done. Excitement? Sprinkled. Story Line? Perfect. What do we get out of all these ingredients? “Psycon” by Varun Tejwani. I have read “The Last Chai” and the author is able to recreate the same magic with this book as well. The characters are finely crafted and are individualistic. The story involves many side characters all the way from PM of the country, CBI agents, Corrupt officials, businessmen, CA, and so on. The vocabulary and grammar are at its best just like the last book of Varun. If you are someone who loves politics or are into sociopolitical dramas, this is the right kind of book for you. None the less, it makes a great addition to the shelf, especially when you already have “The Last Chai.” If not that, the royalties earned by the author from this book will go to PM’s National Relief Fund, so do grab a copy!   

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