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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Book Review | What Will People Thing?

Book: What will people think
Author: Rashi Dubey
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Story gist:
Have we all not suffered from “What will people think” syndrome! So does Riya. Coming from a middle class background, Riya’s family is very strict. With every decision she wishes to take, there is always a counter argument. When Riya finally decides to get pass all these conflicts, she has to leave her parents and live independently. What does life has to offer to Riya once she moves out? Moreover, what is the learning for her parents, if any at all? Read to find out. 

Book Evaluation:
“Log kya kahenge” is something which every individual will relate to. Adding the ‘middle class’ tinch to it makes it more realistic and relatable. The title is perfect for the story line. Narration and language are easy to understand, clear, and precise. The decisions taken by Riya are very bold and very rarely would you find someone who would have the courage to go through with such life altering tasks. All in all, in a good book to read.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Book Review | In The Tolerance

Book: In the tolerance
Author: Anurag Raje
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Story Gist:

Partition of India had left behind many painful memories and the ripples of the effect can be felt today as well in both India and Pakistan. What if it were to happen again? Masterminds of terrorists are at play and they have hacked a plan to divide India again. Al-kharijite is the terrorist organization. Upon investigating them a more fearful network of mess is discovered. Intekhab, a 22-year-old recruit of this gang, is living in India under disguise. Amar is first hand witness to these terrorist activities. What follows is something which no one can judge. Will India part again? Read to find out!

Book evaluation:

Every chapter will leave you at a new twist. All the suspense turns are perfectly timed and are relevant to the story. This is not a slow moving story; it will manage to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the ride. The blurb gives you a very clear idea of what to expect from the book. The centre topic, around which the story revolves, second partition of India, is a very bold topic to write on. Someone who is into politics and patriotism equally will relate to every sentiment in the book. It will be difficult to leave the characters handing in between and will keep you engaged till the story ends. A very good read!

Book Review | We Never Know

Book: We never know
Author: Bhumika Monani
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Story gist:
A girl from small city of Ajmer, Jigisha, enters as a fresher at St. Edmunds College. Next three years of graduation will have a lot in store for her. Not only in terms of friendships and love but also gaining a new perspective in life. However, will she be able handle all of this? Will she survive her college life? Go back to your college days with this read.

Book Evaluation:
The story is cliché and will definitely do what it claims – take you back to college days. Those long lost crushes and best friends do have nostalgic touch to it. There was a certain disconnect between the title, cover, and the actual story. The book cover could have been something more relevant to college lifestyle, around which the story rotates. The same could be seen in terms of narration and mainly grammar. Although, a good attempt at first novel, care could have been taken for better editing and proofreading. 

Book Review | Tarikshir: The Awakening

Book - Tarikshir: The Awakening
Author - Khayal Patel
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Story Gist:
Raja Ravindra, king of the Devangarh kingdom in Rajasthan is set to go on war with the British army which is led by Walken. However, he is found dead in a tent which was set for the war even before the battle could start. Rudra Pratap Chauhan, son of Raj Ravindra, takes over command, and is also found dead under circumstances which no one could explain. A power called Tarikshir is in potential danger of being released, if this happens, the entire mankind is in danger. Who knows about this power? And who knows how to stop it from being released? Read “Tarikshir: The Awakening” to find out.

Book evaluation:
This story is perfect blend of all the good elements of mystery, thriller, suspense, and action. The character development is very well defined. The narration and language used is fine tuned for the readers to grasp the entire plot. Every scene is described to such precision that you will feel as if you are seeing a feature film (I hope they do adopt in into a movie!) It is difficult guess the next line of action for characters and the twists are incorporated at all the right places. It is a good book for beginners as well. Grab a copy now!!

Monday, October 01, 2018

Book Review | Psycon

Book: Psycon
Author: Varun Tejwani
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Story Gist:

Prateek and Yashwardhan join forces to create “Psycon” A brainchild which is solely formed with the purpose to extract money to be used by political parties. There are big names involved and in the process to get the job done, they decide to make a little extra money out of the entire project. However, the success is not long lasting. CBI is involved. Will these two be able to carve their way out the obstacles ahead of them? Or are their days numbered for good? Read “Psycon” to find out. 

Book Evaluation:

Thriller? Yes. Mystery? Included. Politics? Done. Excitement? Sprinkled. Story Line? Perfect. What do we get out of all these ingredients? “Psycon” by Varun Tejwani. I have read “The Last Chai” and the author is able to recreate the same magic with this book as well. The characters are finely crafted and are individualistic. The story involves many side characters all the way from PM of the country, CBI agents, Corrupt officials, businessmen, CA, and so on. The vocabulary and grammar are at its best just like the last book of Varun. If you are someone who loves politics or are into sociopolitical dramas, this is the right kind of book for you. None the less, it makes a great addition to the shelf, especially when you already have “The Last Chai.” If not that, the royalties earned by the author from this book will go to PM’s National Relief Fund, so do grab a copy!   


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