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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Book Review | Zidd

Book: Zidd
Author: Hetansh Desai
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Story Gist:

The story begins with a boy of a tea vendor, Vihaan, trying to earn extra money. The lessons he received and his own skills have given him an uncanny edge over others. Parth, a college dropout, joins the story. Like the classic break-ups, Parth’s girlfriend has sworn never to see his face again. Parth is determined to do exactly that by ensuring his picture is displayed on the hoarding which is right opposite her building. Parth and Vihaan join forces to buy the most expensive hoarding space available in Ahmedabad. Will this unusual pairing achieve success in their endeavors?  

Book Evaluation:

The first thing that strikes a chord with this book the ‘dedication’ mentioned at the start of the book and the title. The stubbornness and determination of main characters to achieve the impossible is noticed and justifies the title “Zidd” The story gist is clearly communicated through the vibrant cover art. The book is funny, interesting, and written in an easy to understand language. The characteristics and development of the protagonist are visible through the narration. The unique storyline makes it an interesting read and will make sure you put down the book only after you have read the last word.   

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