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Friday, September 07, 2018

Book Review | Sin is the new Love

Book: Sin is the new love
Author: Abir Mukherjee
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Story Gist:

Every publisher has their own breakthrough, for Ahi it was when the autobiography of her favorite author was at her desk. As excited as she way, the secrets revealed the script are disturbing enough for Ahi to seek the truth. This is a quest she embarks with motivation from friend and ACP by her side. She finds herself in midst of chaos, murders and conspiracy. However, her curiosity doesn’t allow her to stop and she is determined to get to the core crux. The truth is so brittle that it may jeopardize Ahi’s life, will she still go ahead and even if she does, will she survive the spider web?

Book Evaluation:

There are whole bunch of emotions in this book which will compel you to keep reading. Every character is built from the start and Ahi’s determination to reach the truth is commendable. This book is a combined bundle of mystery, thriller, and romance. The vibrant colors of cover do look attractive and the design is relevant to the story concept. It is written is very subtle language which is very easy to read and understand. I love such books to be my travel companion because they are so effective to get rid of boredom. Carry Sin is the new Love and you are set for your journey.

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