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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Book Review | Pyjamas Are Forgiving

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Story Gist:

Anshu, divorced, is entering her alternate world, a rather expensive retreat, to get rid of all her dosha’s and find some peace in her life. What is the worst that could happen? Well, everything! Anshu’s ex-husband is at the same retreat with his new, young, and current wife and accompanied by his cousin. Anshu had introduced him to this place. However, having spent such a huge amount, Anshu did not wish to move out of the retreat center. What followed was a huge chaos.    

Book Evaluation:

Twinkle Khanna has always left her mark with the witty columns she writes. That was the first reason I picked up Mrs. Funnybones and absolutely loved the book. This was followed by, the legend of Laxmi Prasad, a collection of short stories, from which only the first one was appealed to me as a reader. Well, I thought she deserved another chance to prove herself but it seems like fiction is not the cup of tea which Mrs. Funnybones could drink.

Shanthamaya Sthalam which means a peaceful place is the name of retreat center which Anshu visit, however, nothing which happens at this place is peaceful in any of the sense. The book starts well and on a hilarious note. The first few pages keep the reader asking for more; from there it goes down the hill and loses all the charm. Anshu ends up having an affair with her own ex-husband (so much for a place where sex is forbidden), Lalit physically abuses a foreign girl (and Anshu doesn’t take the right action to teach him a lesson), so much for a retreat being peaceful. Moreover, retreats are supposed to be secluded. It is indeed weird that the characters were able to make their way to Café, smoke, and drink beer. Frankly, if someone told me this experience of their retreat, I would have never set my foot there.

The cover art and title are certainly misleading. It gave me the impression of being a book about a woman who is running away from her reality to find peace and relive the life to the fullest. None of this is seen in the story. The narration has various words, sentences, and dialogues which are cringe-worthy.  Ideally, Twinkle Khanna, could have leveraged her status as a celebrity and used that platform to give out a better message. “The pyjamas are forgiving; it is the skinny jeans which hold the grudge.” And this book is skinny jeans for the author, not her pyjama.

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