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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Book Review | March to Opulence

Book: March to Opulence
Editor: Parikshit Nagesh Samant
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Book Evaluation:

Initially March to Opulence reminded me of my history textbook, however, had they been even half as interesting as the book, I may have ended up as ace scorer in it. March to Opulence divided in three sections and is a compilation of various biographies and excerpts of various masterpieces by great authors. The book does not limit itself to geography; it includes people and tales from various corner of world. The language used is easy to understand and makes a compelling read. Parikshit Samant has added an introductory paragraph but what worked for me were the key takeaways mentioned time and again. It really helps one to connect with the content. The book cover is a bit dull though it is in relevance to the theme; it does not match up to the content presented in book. All in all a very informative and excellent read, suitable for all age groups.

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