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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Book Review | The Friend

Book: The Friend
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Story Gist:

How quickly do we make friends and how often do we end up judging them too soon? Sophie and Emma are two ladies who connect over their boys of similar age. What could possibly go wrong? Well, Everything! Sophie and her husband are away from their home when they get a call about their son being hospitalized and in need of surgery. One night; that is how long they had left him with Emma and that is all it took for their entire world to change.

Book Evaluation:

The language is simple and lucid, very easy to follow. Multiple flashbacks are created in order to create build up the excitement, which tangles the reader between two different aspects of story. Although this was much necessary for the story line, the transaction between the two may have been executed more subtly rather than abrupt. The character build is bang on target, the blurb tells you what to expect to a certain length but the actuals are more thrilling. The cover art is in proper sync with the content, plot and characters. Teresa Driscoll has certainly done a good job in aligning the story context and will definitely look forward to her next.

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