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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Table For One | Book Review

Book: Table for One
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Story Gist:
"There is a marriage proposal for you." Probably, this is the shortest horror story for every single girl. Taara managed to change her horror story into an amazing journey. She convinces her parents to let her go on an international trip before she settles down forever. Alone. Solo trip. She is successful! And so her journey begins to explore not only new places but a new her. Will this solo trip also bring love with it? Catch up with Taara and find out for yourself, read Table for one!

Book Evaluation:
The language is crisp and clear, sprinkled with light humour. The narration very beautifully depicts the conflicts which go through Taara’s mind now and then. The character of Taara develops throughout the story. She gets out of a breakup and discovers new shades of her own personality. The cover is just as epic as the book itself and is one of the reason for strong urges to travel across the globe. The story plot is simple yet effective and very well enhanced by Neha Bindal. Let ‘Table For One’ be your companion for the next trip. Grab a copy now!

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