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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

My True Angel | Book Review

Book: My True Angel
Author: Irshad Thalakala
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Story Gist:
Iqbal works in an IT company and it is here that he meets Rubina. Is it love at first sight though or rather is it "love" at all? Even if it is love, is it indeed the purest ‘true’ love? Iqbal struggles to understand his emotions and is certain that his heart belongs to Rubina. Iqbal is on a journey for finding this true angel of love, will destiny allow them the future they dream of or will it reap them apart forever? Join Iqbal in his search.  

Book Evaluation:

The silhouettes of a couple against the starry night sky do emphasis on the fact that “My True Angel” is a love story. I loved the concept of the cover; however, something is missing on which I quite cannot put a finger on. The concept of the story is rather Bollywood style. Author has managed touch various issues in one go and has beautifully incorporated them into the story plot. We can clearly see the changes which occur in Iqbal and his transformation can be clearly made out towards the end of story. The written language is easy to understand and smooth flowing. The book doesn’t maintain an even pace throughout; it is quick at some point whereas unnecessarily elongated at other. If you are movie buff and a reader, you will have a gala time with your imagination playing the sequences in your head as you read the book. 

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