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Monday, July 23, 2018

The Seductive Affair | Book Review

Book: The Seductive Affair
Author: Rishabh Puri
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Story Gist:
Being dumped by your fiancé is never a good feeling, especially when you have just graduated out of college and life is just about to begin. Prisha Khatri decides to concentrate on her career instead. It is here that she meets Rajesh Lagheri, a famous reporter. There is more to Rajesh’s personality as well as his work than what meets the eyes. Amidst knowing the truth and the seductive affair brewing between them, Prisha must decide if she wants to follow her brain or her heart – which one will she choose? Read to find out. 

Book Evaluation:
The book makes a great one-time read for readers who are just getting introduced to the world of reading. The story is cliché and will be very easy to guess the next move, however, the character build is strong and narration is on the point. It seems little off the charts that everything turns out to be perfect and timed to the exact moment the actions are required; hence this book seems tailor-made and not intuitive. It would add extra spice to the plot as well as narration if more twists and turns which are unthinkable could have been added.

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