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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Magic of Inner Strength | Book Review

Book: The Magic of Inner Strength
Author: Renuka Agrawal 
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Book Evaluation: 

I never used to believe in self-help or motivational book but lately this has changed. The Magic of Inner Strength is one such view changer. The blurb will tell you exactly what to expect from this book and successfully delivers it. There are plenty of example sited out of which many are personally experienced by author herself and of course, if it worked for her, why wouldn’t it work for us? I loved this aspect of the book which makes you think what is it that successful people do differently which others are not able to? Is it possible for everyone to have a success tale? The answer is yes and this book shows to how to achieve the results you want. Mind you though, it not some secret formula for overnight stardom, it is more of calculated measures, willingness to incorporate habits, changes in attitudes, building a new perspective, and immense will power. Another beautiful aspect of this book is the “suggested measures” or “questions to ask self” areas. It truly enables you to look at yourself and see what you lack and where you need to input efforts. The language flow is very authentic and concepts are easy to follow. It make a great read and even better to have on your book shelf for you can use this book throughout the various stages of life and apply the ideas wherever desired. Don’t waste your time, grab a copy now!

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