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Monday, July 09, 2018

Book Review : A New Dawn

Book: The New Dawn
Author: Kamini Kusum
Published by: Half Baked Beans

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Story gist:

Shravan, a son of a rickshaw puller and Mughda, daughter of a railway officer, fall in love with each other. Shravan comes from a poorer background as compared to Mughda. Childhood friends break all the boundaries to be together, however, destiny has other plans for them and eventually they get separated. Will there ever be a possibility for them to be together? Is there a way to find a way out from this maze? Read to find out. 

Book evaluation:

The cover and blurb of the book give a perfect depiction of what to expect throughout the book. The character of Shravan is developed well, although, the same cannot be said about the other main characters of the story. There are grammatical errors, however, the language used is fairly simple, easy to understand, and has been written in a third person narrative style. This book can make it straight to a Bollywood movie, considering that it explored the age-old plot of poor boy-rich girl love story. Those who wish to unwind with a book may pick this one up.

* Book received from publishers in exchange for an honest feedback. The views expressed here are entirely my own and not influenced by anyone.*

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