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Sunday, July 01, 2018

Book Review : I Shall Always Love You

Book: I Shall Always Love You
Author: Shilpa Jain
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Story Gist:

As an artist, all efforts and hard work are paid when your art is appreciated. Imagine the total opposite of it. Being publically humiliated and accused of copying the art. Shiv Sanyal finds himself in this situation and from there begins the epic tale of love, loss, treasure, and the ultimate truth. Shiv struggles to know his friends and above all the enemies. I Shall Always Love You is the ultimate test of love through centuries. Will Shiv stand victorious through this test? Read to find out!

Book evaluation:

The ending is quite abrupt and no proper closure is provided. The reader eventually does get to know the identity of kidnapper but the reaction of characters is not detailed enough to understand how they feel about it. The language used is quite subtle and easy to understand. The flow of plot and story conceptualization is good too. The title eventually makes sense towards the end. Characters are crafted well and the mysterious feel to tale makes it a good read. It can make a good movie script as well! Carry this book as a companion during long train journeys. 

** Thank you Half Baked Beans for review copy **

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