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Friday, July 13, 2018

Book Review : Finest 15

Book: Finest 15
Author: Dr. Anamika Sen
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Publisher: Half Baked Beans
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Story Gist:
Cancer is cruel. Especially when you are at the peak of your success. Dr. Ananya Singh is the owner of Omega Chain of Hospitals and is under shock when she learns about her terminal illness; cancer. The obvious questions trouble her, who will carry her legacy ahead? Who is be the successor to Omega? The answer is Dr. Tapas as suggested by her colleagues. However, Ananya is not too keen to follow this way and slips into Coma. Her diary bears all her life details including the darkest secrets of Ananya’s success; this falls in Tapas’ hand. Will he still feel the need to have Ananya in life after he reads this? Will they overcome the conspiracy being built around them? 

Book Evaluation:
First and foremost, the book cover is super cool, simple and elegant does the trick. The blurb tells you exactly what to expect in the coming pages. The character portrait is very well framed along with the story line. It is definitely a page turner which urges you to continue reading till you reach the end. The language is easy to understand and crisply used. There are grammar error and spelling mistakes at few places but get compensated by the story. For the readers who are enthusiastic about drama and love stories should definitely get this book.

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