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Monday, July 23, 2018

The Seductive Affair | Book Review

Book: The Seductive Affair
Author: Rishabh Puri
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Story Gist:
Being dumped by your fiancĂ© is never a good feeling, especially when you have just graduated out of college and life is just about to begin. Prisha Khatri decides to concentrate on her career instead. It is here that she meets Rajesh Lagheri, a famous reporter. There is more to Rajesh’s personality as well as his work than what meets the eyes. Amidst knowing the truth and the seductive affair brewing between them, Prisha must decide if she wants to follow her brain or her heart – which one will she choose? Read to find out. 

Book Evaluation:
The book makes a great one-time read for readers who are just getting introduced to the world of reading. The story is clichĂ© and will be very easy to guess the next move, however, the character build is strong and narration is on the point. It seems little off the charts that everything turns out to be perfect and timed to the exact moment the actions are required; hence this book seems tailor-made and not intuitive. It would add extra spice to the plot as well as narration if more twists and turns which are unthinkable could have been added.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Magic of Inner Strength | Book Review

Book: The Magic of Inner Strength
Author: Renuka Agrawal 
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Book Evaluation: 

I never used to believe in self-help or motivational book but lately this has changed. The Magic of Inner Strength is one such view changer. The blurb will tell you exactly what to expect from this book and successfully delivers it. There are plenty of example sited out of which many are personally experienced by author herself and of course, if it worked for her, why wouldn’t it work for us? I loved this aspect of the book which makes you think what is it that successful people do differently which others are not able to? Is it possible for everyone to have a success tale? The answer is yes and this book shows to how to achieve the results you want. Mind you though, it not some secret formula for overnight stardom, it is more of calculated measures, willingness to incorporate habits, changes in attitudes, building a new perspective, and immense will power. Another beautiful aspect of this book is the “suggested measures” or “questions to ask self” areas. It truly enables you to look at yourself and see what you lack and where you need to input efforts. The language flow is very authentic and concepts are easy to follow. It make a great read and even better to have on your book shelf for you can use this book throughout the various stages of life and apply the ideas wherever desired. Don’t waste your time, grab a copy now!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Book Review : Finest 15

Book: Finest 15
Author: Dr. Anamika Sen
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Publisher: Half Baked Beans
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Story Gist:
Cancer is cruel. Especially when you are at the peak of your success. Dr. Ananya Singh is the owner of Omega Chain of Hospitals and is under shock when she learns about her terminal illness; cancer. The obvious questions trouble her, who will carry her legacy ahead? Who is be the successor to Omega? The answer is Dr. Tapas as suggested by her colleagues. However, Ananya is not too keen to follow this way and slips into Coma. Her diary bears all her life details including the darkest secrets of Ananya’s success; this falls in Tapas’ hand. Will he still feel the need to have Ananya in life after he reads this? Will they overcome the conspiracy being built around them? 

Book Evaluation:
First and foremost, the book cover is super cool, simple and elegant does the trick. The blurb tells you exactly what to expect in the coming pages. The character portrait is very well framed along with the story line. It is definitely a page turner which urges you to continue reading till you reach the end. The language is easy to understand and crisply used. There are grammar error and spelling mistakes at few places but get compensated by the story. For the readers who are enthusiastic about drama and love stories should definitely get this book.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Book Review : A New Dawn

Book: The New Dawn
Author: Kamini Kusum
Published by: Half Baked Beans

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Story gist:

Shravan, a son of a rickshaw puller and Mughda, daughter of a railway officer, fall in love with each other. Shravan comes from a poorer background as compared to Mughda. Childhood friends break all the boundaries to be together, however, destiny has other plans for them and eventually they get separated. Will there ever be a possibility for them to be together? Is there a way to find a way out from this maze? Read to find out. 

Book evaluation:

The cover and blurb of the book give a perfect depiction of what to expect throughout the book. The character of Shravan is developed well, although, the same cannot be said about the other main characters of the story. There are grammatical errors, however, the language used is fairly simple, easy to understand, and has been written in a third person narrative style. This book can make it straight to a Bollywood movie, considering that it explored the age-old plot of poor boy-rich girl love story. Those who wish to unwind with a book may pick this one up.

* Book received from publishers in exchange for an honest feedback. The views expressed here are entirely my own and not influenced by anyone.*

Book Review : Not Worth Living For

Book: Not Worth Living For
Author: Shreyan Laha
Published by: Bigfoot Publications
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Story Gist:

Ishita has moved on with her life and she is determined to start fresh. She is very hopeful for the future and has resolved that she will not let her past infiltrate her present. However, her past has a broken relationship with an Ex who refuses to let her go. He stalks Ishita of every chance possible. Meanwhile, Shweta has quite literally forgotten her past and has no memories of it. Apart from this, she has been placed on a planet which not known to her. Shweta, along with Alexander, strives to find answers. What is the connection between Ishita and Shweta though? Read to find out. 

Book Evaluation:

The book cover may have been a tad bit more creative as it doesn’t really reciprocate the title of the book. The story is written in third person narration and is a mixture of mystery and science fiction genre. The language used is very lively and this helps to bring out the jumps of the story between two worlds; one here on Earth and the other on the different planet. The title of the book is justified in the story concept although neither the blurb nor the book cover seems to support it. Overall, it is a good one time read.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Book Review : Storywallah

Book: Storywallah
Author: Kumar Ganesan
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
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Story Gist:

Storywallah, as the title suggests, is a collection of short stories. Every story demonstrates a different aspect of life very closely related to real incidences. These stories range from taboo-breaking, women empowerment, inspirations and travelogue. Read Storywallah for entertainment broken down in various tales.
Book evaluation:

The vibrant colour and the inverted commas go well with the title and the concept of the book. The language used is very subtle, clear and easy to understand. Very vivid arena of topics is chosen which will keep the reader entertained throughout. There are grammatical errors and spelling mistakes but these are compensated by the story put forward by Kumar Ganesan. Words of different languages are used in between to give the stories more regional and personalized feel. “Make up and Made up” and “Real Men Cry” were two stories which struck out of the entire lot for me. It is a quick read so you can cuddle with it on a lazy Sunday morning and be done with it in two hours or so. 

*** Book received from Half Baked Beans in exchange for honest review. The views expressed here are entirely my own and not influenced by anyone ***

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Book Review : I Shall Always Love You

Book: I Shall Always Love You
Author: Shilpa Jain
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Story Gist:

As an artist, all efforts and hard work are paid when your art is appreciated. Imagine the total opposite of it. Being publically humiliated and accused of copying the art. Shiv Sanyal finds himself in this situation and from there begins the epic tale of love, loss, treasure, and the ultimate truth. Shiv struggles to know his friends and above all the enemies. I Shall Always Love You is the ultimate test of love through centuries. Will Shiv stand victorious through this test? Read to find out!

Book evaluation:

The ending is quite abrupt and no proper closure is provided. The reader eventually does get to know the identity of kidnapper but the reaction of characters is not detailed enough to understand how they feel about it. The language used is quite subtle and easy to understand. The flow of plot and story conceptualization is good too. The title eventually makes sense towards the end. Characters are crafted well and the mysterious feel to tale makes it a good read. It can make a good movie script as well! Carry this book as a companion during long train journeys. 

** Thank you Half Baked Beans for review copy **


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