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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Book Review : Till The End of Forever

Book: Till The End of Forever
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Story Gist:

Two pained souls, two seekers of peace – Ayaan and Avani were bound to hit it off. Like a puzzle, they completed each other. Like all good things, the bond they shared also soon faces the trial of time. Ayaan is accused of murdering a friend and is the prime suspect. Ayaan feels himself sliding down the hole of deep pain yet again while Avani struggles to keep a hold on him. Will she be successful to keep him afloat for long enough? Is Ayaan really a cold-blooded murderer or is he being framed? Read to find out.

Book evaluation:

The story concept is unique and the title is justified. The cover doesn’t do justice to the roller coaster ride this plot serves. The writing style is a tad bit confusing but you will manage to comprehend. There are a few grammatical errors and spelling mistakes but they do not really have an impact on the story narrations. The jump of writing perspective from Ayaan to Avani could have been smoother. Overall the book is very well conceptualized with a lot of twists and turns which will keep you guessing the next move but required a bit more editing. Grab this one to make your boring plane rides interesting.  

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