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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Book Review : Tikri's Fiasco

Book – Tikris’ Fiasco
Author – Rishav
Publisher – Blue Rose Publishers 
Purchase at – Amazon 
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Story Gist:

Tikris’ Fiasco is set in an imaginary world. Sindhusthan, Lubras, Eastern World, Mysterious Oasis, Alistan, United Seculars are broadly divided between the Kasht and the Seculars. The story revolves around the spies and operations carried to keep country safe. It a story of love, sacrifice, honour, pride, and above all that of patriotism. The love of country and the love of your life – which one would you choose? An answer faced by all spies. Real life missions and spy stories and beautifully depicted in this book making it a thriller read.  

To Read or Not To Read:

Double agents, spies, love, thrill, sacrifice, and mystery all packed into one e-book of 131 pages. It is fast paced but easy to follow and with a simple written style. The use of science and technology is very well researched and made relevant to the plot. If you want to derive an already existing code language for your best friends and you, Symbola is just the thing for you. The entertainment quotient is high and will leave you asking for more, which is a good thing because Tikris’ Fiasco ends with words “to be continued…”

***Book received from Half Baked Beans in exchange for honest review. The views expressed here are entirely my own***

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