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Friday, June 08, 2018

Book Review: Lovestruck

Book                : Lovestruck
Author             : Prasupta Roy
Publisher        : Half Baked Beans
Purchase        : Amazon

Story Gist:
Girl meets boy – Check. Boy meets girl – Check. They get married – Check. They have baby – Error! Kaatyani and her husband are trying hard to get their own bundle of joy which is also the reason both of them feel lonely and incomplete. The irritability soon starts affecting the rational of their relationship. It is in this phase when Kaatyani meets Sid. Kaatyani’s feelings and connection with Sid is something which she cannot ignore but is this love? Even if it is what about her husband? Kaatyani faces a dilemma which may end up either destroying her marriage or the person she cares about the most. What will be her next steps? Read Lovestruck to find out!

To Read or Not To Read:
People will seldom agree that they have been this situation but its human nature and men-women alike have been in it. The dreadful situation where your brain is committed to one but your heart yearns to be with someone else. Simple is beautiful and this is proved by Prasupta Roy’s writing in Lovestruck. The story picks up pace very quickly in the start and is slow at a few parts. The blurb is apt while the vibrant cover and art of book cover are relevant. The story will warm your heart on a cold winter day. 

***Review copy provided by Half Baked Beans in exchange for honest review. The views expressed here are entirely my own***

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