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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Book Review: Fragments - You and I

Book: Fragments - You and I
Author: Vasundhara
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Published by: Half Baked Beans

Book review:

One of the most heard things about love is its property of being undefinable. Every individual will have a subjective point of view and a very own definition to go along with. The feeling of butterflies in stomach may be true to me but not to you. The scientist, psychologist, and artists have tried to express the phenomenon of love in their own field of expertise. However, till date, there has not been a universally accepted definition of love. This feeling of warmth in your heart is yet again explained through combination of words and graphics in this book.

To Read or Not To Read:

The combinations of graphics and words have plays a different chord all together. The pages would have jumped out moreover had there been a play with colors as well. The concept of joining letters with art to give emotions to just one word is definitely a unique one. Although it is a quick read, for someone who likes to dwell upon deeper meaning of concepts will end up spending more time on each page trying to decipher the meaning which author wants to convey. It makes a great addition to your shelf and you will  love your morning when you combine it with pajamas, coffee, and cold rains. 

*Review copy received from Half baked beans in exchange for honest feedback. Views expressed are entirely my own and not influenced by anyone*

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