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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Book Review: Perfume Girl

Book: Perfume Girl
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Published by: Half Baked Beans

Story Review:

Ayushi and Aditya. They meet and they hit off. The difference of age does not seem to have any adverse effect on their relationship. However, like the most of us, Aditya runs behind unimportant things in the heat of the moment which makes Ayushi go away from him. After efforts and ages, this gap starts to cut and their life gets back on track. Marriage and baby are on the cart for both of them. Will these bring a happy beginning to their journey ahead? Or will this happiness mark as the worst turning point of their life? Read to find out.   

To Read or Not To Read:

The storyline is conceptualized in a good way. It is precise and to the point of not wasting words and pages to give unnecessary details to elongate. However, in some places playing around with words could have helped to intensify the plot to build up the suspense. The blurb gives out one very important detail about the future of Ayushi and Aditya. It could have been left as a question and not be giving out the details upright. It is a one time and quick read book which will keep you busy for the entire day. You may choose this book for a quickie!

*** Review copy received from Half Baked Beans in exchange of honest review. The views expressed here are entirely my own and not influenced in any way. ***

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