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Saturday, May 05, 2018

Book Review: Whisperings of a Common Man

Book: Whisperings of a Common Man
Know the author: Rahul aka Dhanu
Review copy received from Half Baked Beans in exchange of a honest feedback. Views expressed are not influenced by anyone. 
ISBN 13: 9781543702491
Purchase at: Amazon

Book Review:

The book is filled with beautiful words forming poems which will act as music to heart. Suitable for all ages and on various topics, Whisperings of a Common Man is a welcome break from the usual novels. You would be conversing with Sea at one moment and at the next you will instantly connect with the short verses mirroring the people you meet.  

To Read or Not To Read:

The language use is easy to understand in some of the poems like ‘The Beautiful’ and ‘Meeting People’ whereas it is a tad bit difficult in some like ‘Discover the Hidden’ However, all the poems are followed by explanations from the poet showing us what exactly he is meant to convey. The messages are received clearly post that. Conversation with Sea is a unique, innovative and very nicely conceptualized poem. It is a quick read and will not even take up an entire day. You can just pop up the kindle version to make your boring bus ride lively.  

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