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Saturday, May 05, 2018

Book Review: Whisperings of a Common Man

Book: Whisperings of a Common Man
Know the author: Rahul aka Dhanu
Review copy received from Half Baked Beans in exchange of a honest feedback. Views expressed are not influenced by anyone. 
ISBN 13: 9781543702491
Purchase at: Amazon

Book Review:

The book is filled with beautiful words forming poems which will act as music to heart. Suitable for all ages and on various topics, Whisperings of a Common Man is a welcome break from the usual novels. You would be conversing with Sea at one moment and at the next you will instantly connect with the short verses mirroring the people you meet.  

To Read or Not To Read:

The language use is easy to understand in some of the poems like ‘The Beautiful’ and ‘Meeting People’ whereas it is a tad bit difficult in some like ‘Discover the Hidden’ However, all the poems are followed by explanations from the poet showing us what exactly he is meant to convey. The messages are received clearly post that. Conversation with Sea is a unique, innovative and very nicely conceptualized poem. It is a quick read and will not even take up an entire day. You can just pop up the kindle version to make your boring bus ride lively.  

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Book Review: Mango People in Banana Republic

Book: Mango People In Banana Republic
Know the author: Vishak Shakti (Goodreads)
Purchase at: CrosswordsAmazon
Book ISBN: ISBN 9789387282179

Story Review:

As the blurb quotes, “Liberation does not come with a user manual in a neat little box” where does one exactly find it though. Anand is a physicist who is trying to search for liberation at various ashrams across India.  Meanwhile, Ravi Bhalerao is suffering with most common disease – the corporate life! And also a very fierce condition on his rare side. With this baggage Ravi ends up at Vidharbha to witness the sufferings of farmers. How will this story turn out? Will Anand and Ravi cross paths? Well, you know what is to be done. Read to find out!

To Read or Not To Read:

This book had me solid glued to it. It just wouldn’t let me go! The language is well flowing, easy to understand and oh so stylishly decorated! Moreover, this feel stays throughout the story line. The plot is amazing and initial chapters is what all of us can relate to. The correlation of the chapters to the Seven Chakras on one’s existence has been beautifully depicted as the Story flows from the bottom most Mooladhar Chakra to Swadhishtan Chakra. The sense of humor in bang on and that is one of the main reason which keeps the reader engaged. I loved the subtle cover art also. The characters of Anand and Ravi have developed progressively as the story reaches its climax. The title is very thought provoking. Worth having on your reading shelf. Vishak Shakti does an amazing job with “Mango People In Banana Republic”

**Review copy received from Writers Melon in return of honest feedback. The views expressed here are not influences by anyone**

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Book Review: Trust Me Not

Trust Me Not
Book: Trust Me Not
Know the author: Ankita Verma Datta (Goodreads, Facebook)
Book ISBN: 978-93-86348-94-4
Publisher: Jaico Books
Purchase at: Amazon
Reviewed at: Instagram,  Facebook

Story Review:

Reeva is transferred as AVP for a new project headed by Kunaal. The romance between them is inevitable. However, their work leads them to the corners of political world. The various aspects of this world are surprising, suspicious, and murderous. They start to pile up and show its ugly faces across. Reeva must keep her feelings for Kunaal aside as she finds herself in midst of a real estate scam which has the potential to harm very prominent people. Will Reeva be able to pull it off? Is there anyone she can invest her trust in? Read to find out.

To Read or Not To Read:

The book starts with slow moving chapters but picks up after a few initials ones. The writing is fairly easy to understand. A love triangle is introduced in story which was not really required in a political thriller and doesn’t really support the plot. Getting the sheer political aspects right has highlighted the story line and ensured the eagerness of what is to come next. The end is definitely something which was least expected. If you are fond reader of political thriller genre then this is the right one for you.

Review copy received from BookFever in return of honest feedback. The views expressed here are not influenced by anyone and belong to me.


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