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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The shades of me

This is me sans makeup. With uncombed hair, no lip gloss, no moisturiser, no sunscreen. It is just me. The way I am. The way I look. The way I am supposed to look.

This is also me, with my face powdered and the subtle light gloss visible on lips. (That is all because these are the only things I can manage by myself, I have no idea how to use eyeliner, eyeshadow, concealer, foundations and God knows what all they use these day and I am immensely proud of it) 

This is not enough though, is it? So, finally, here is me, with various shades of lipstick and the effect of "proper" makeup usings Apps made so easily available. 

Why though? If you cannot like the original version of any person you automatically forfeit your rights to deserve that person in full pretentious glory. I respect the people who have the capability and ability to do make up, it's a art not many posses, but I certainly do not value the people who chose to be with you only when you "look" a certain way. 

The so called instagram accounts showing magnificent transformations, those bombarding news channel of a certain celeb loosing weight post pregnancy or a fitness trainer doting the perfect figure. Yes, kudos to all of those. But have you ever thought, it is because there job demands it. They have the time to spend exercising, they have money to afford personalized trainer, they have servants cooking food for them prescribed by dietitian, their children are taken care of by a nany, their outfits are selected by a fashion designer, they have a gym at home, and their make up is done by a professional artist. If everyone had that kind of facilities, you can be rest assured that everyone would look like the next Top Model. 

But not everyone is fortunate enough, we work out whenever we get the time, we settle for the time spend at gym for working overtime at work, we spend minimum 4 hours daily on traveling, we save our money for our future, for future of our children, we have to cook food, do the household chores and take care of the kids, in-laws, parents, and self. 

Respect what every person chooses to be. Applaud the efforts they take. Ditch the notion of fair skin, slim waist, flat tummy and toned abs. Settle for someone with naturally glowing skin, healthy body, and realistic tummy. This applies to the guys also, stop expecting them to turn out like some Hollywood movie superhero figure when you yourself are not even an inch of it. Be natural. Be you! And those who cannot be with you at this, learn to let go. You are effortlessly beautiful, just the way you are. If you want to dab yourself with powder, do it. Want to elongate those eyelashes, go for it. However, ensure that you do it for yourself, for your satisfaction, for your sake, and not to impress anyone else or to fall prey to the pretentious standards set by society.

Be the rockstar of your own life! Be healthy, fit, fine and wise! 😊😊

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