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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Book review: My Mute Girlfriend

Book: My Mute Girlfriend
Author: Himanshu Rai
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Have you ever been in love? Has the same love of your life ever broken your heart? Well, it is a ‘been there, done that’ kind of situation for most of us which will make the story of Rohan, Vaidehi, and Navya very relatable. Rohan’s childhood crush was someone who he carried within his heart throughout his journey all the way up to engineering college. She was his dream girl, Rohan had decided and was ready to spend the entire life with her. However, one little problem, he never managed to convey his feelings to her clearly. Who is this ‘she’ in Rohan’s life? – Navya or Vaidehi. And if there is only one who is the other girl? Witness the unfolding of this love story as you read this book

To Read or Not To Read:
The story line toggles in past and present but avoids getting confusion and is fairly easy to follow. You will be able to stay with the characters throughout the story journey. The character built is very idealistic, to the perfection and model, with no flaws in the aspect of loving someone but then again being a love story, this can be excused. The cover of the book is not appealing to me as I could not connect with it. The title suggest the girlfriend is ‘mute’ and had earlier expected the girlfriend actually be mute i.e. unable to speak, however, this is a false notion. As you make progress through the story, the title gets justified. The story has emotions of love, friendship, and family, all of which play a vital part and is well executed. 

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