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Friday, April 06, 2018

Book Review : The Last Chai

Book: The Last Chai
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Story Review

The elections are closing by and the current as well as potential Prime Minister, Narendra Doshi, gets poisoned by cyanide mixed in his cup of Tea. Is anyone in the country safe if there are attempts made to assassin the PM, moreover, the prime suspect is none other than Ajay Kamate, the personal responsible for keeping PM safe 24 hours 7 days a week. Poorvi, a journalist, exposes Ajay’s employer organization of torturing a minor and no doubt the news is viral hit. However, the truth behind this is also unknown. There are enemies on every corner and turn, no one to trust, and the threat is not limited to terrorist, outside attacks, but much more dangerous from people operating within the country itself. In the age of nuclear weapons, technological advancements, upgraded arms and ammunition, will India be able to emerge victorious as a country? Is Ajay really the one who spiked the Tea? As the blurb states, immerse yourself in the world of politics, where there are no coincidences and nothing happens by accident!

To Read or Not To Read:

Ahh! Politics. The more you shed light on this topic, the little you understand. The incidences, connection to current affairs, described political scenario and the narration style gets you into the groove as if you are living and experiences these events first hand. Although set in future, at some parts of the story you feel “Bang on target!” while at other parts, you will know, they just need more description or seem impossible to achieve. But oh well, its set in future, 2019, so you never know. The plot is very believable, almost movie like, keeps your eyes glued to the book and delivers the finale very brilliantly. Recommended for those who find political novel, political thrillers, or in general anything related to politics interesting. For the next time you sit down to have your Tea, grab your copy “The Last Chai”

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