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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Book review: 65 Colours of Rainbow

Book: 65 Colours of Rainbow
Know the author: Smit Kapila (Click here)
Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributers
ISBN 10: 9387022099
ISBN 13: 978-9387022096
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Book Review:

"65 Colors of Rainbow" is a collection of 65 short stories with the theme of humour and work. It envisages a day-to-day work life situations which all of us may have experienced one day or other. If not, they are just around the corner waiting to happen. A very realistic approach conveyed on a lighter note. ‘The Brain’ and ‘The Feedback’ are two stories which stood out with exceptional humors as compared to others from same book.

To Read or Not to Read:

The language is subtle and easy to understand. Major add-on factor is the illustrations used for every chapter to depict what comes ahead. They are apt, precise, well placed and drawn beautifully. The humor is properly timed and will definitely make you roll around in laughter. The book is light and relaxing. It will keep you entertained on your ride to work. The title is very well-chosen and the book cover depicts the colors stated in the title. This one is a quick read which you may manage to finish in a day. I would definitely recommend you read this one, especially to let go the stressful situations at work. 

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