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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Book review: When Opposites Meet

Book: When Opposites Meet
Connect with author: Sachin Garg
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Story review:

Ritwika is a physically challenged, bound to wheel chair for life but this has not stopped her from living her life. Chetan is accused of being on dopes which halts his dream of entering into Wrestling Olympics. One is physically strong and other not so much, is it even possible for them to end up together?  

Indu, a divorcee, lives with a mentally disturbed nephew (Jayant) and physically challenged daughter (Ritwika). Indu is a strong women. Lokesh (Ritwika’s professor) is a victim of broken marriage. However, they are not divorced. They are opposites in term of emotions, are they capable of being together?  

Jayant is not comfortable with social scenarios and has withdrawn from people around. Whereas Aditi is cheerful, 6 years older than Jayant, wants to work towards being the next social media star and full of life. Will socially opposites attract towards each other?

Will the opposites attract or collide just to move in opposite directions. Read to find!  

To Read or Not To Read:

Love – A strange feeling. There are so many things written about this emotion, yet there is so little known. Sachin Garg has successfully pulled off putting forward the age old theory of ‘opposites attract’ in this story line. The book revolves around three couples who are either emotionally, socially, or physically opposite. It is very interesting how all the three stories have been interconnected. First few pages are slow moving but the pace quickens post that. The plot is very well written, however, the story delivery lacked the efforts to catch attention.  The story is written in thirst person narration and the language used is fluent, no grammatical errors, and easy to understand. The book cover adds color to your shelf and looks stunning. Grab this easy to read book for those summer afternoons when you are hogging on Mango (because I was too!)

“I’ve always believed that love is not what you say. Love is what you do.” - A sentence which struck a chord with me (because I believe in it since ages)

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