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Friday, April 06, 2018

Book review: Strangers with known faces

Book: Strangers with Known Faces
Connect with author: Gautam Dutta (Goodreads)
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Story Review:

How many of us are still connected with our school or college friends? Now imagine receiving a phone call from a solicitor asking you to present yourself to understand more about a murder. A murder of a so-called friend who you have not spoken with ages. Rajat, Anmol, Sadaf and Meenakshi find themselves is this situation even though they have not maintained their friendship over the years. Shanaya is their friend who is murdered. Friends who had separated due to an incident in their past must unite, work as a team and must get along with each other in the given circumstances. A plot line with loads of potential, go ahead and give it a read.
To Read or Not To Read:

The title of this book is very aptly chosen which goes well with the theme and is quite intriguing. I wish the cover would have been more pondered upon, nonetheless, the message gets conveyed by this strange man behind the mask on cover.  The writing style is free on errors, first person narrations, topsy-turvy twists, and past-present toggle switch; all of which makes this story stand out from the rest in this genre. The plot line generate interest as it starts, however, fails to maintain the same kind of grip as the reader approaches towards the end. If you are a mystery lover then you will thoroughly enjoy this story and those with vivid imagination will have a movie playing in your head. All in all, a good read and a book you can relax with on your free days.

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