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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Good bye to the world

No. Broken is not beautiful. The one who feels the pain knows. The knifes to the heart are real and so are the tears along with numbness of brain. You win. All of you win today. Congratulations. You have successfully managed to destroy a human being to the extend where there is nothing left. No joy. No happiness. No sorrow. No pain. No sadness. Nothing. There are no feelings. I write this today with a broken heart? No. Only if I could prove it to you, I am not broken, I am whole. What you disturbed was my soul. The inner me. My thoughts. My mind. My talks. My words. My notes. My existence. My being. Gone. Not in a spoof. Slowly. Gradually. The way water erodes a rock. I don't even have a count of what is left. The sobs and screams don't escape me anymore. They are nowhere to be found neither hidden beneath the layers around. 

Oh! My eyes! They did speak once upon a time, long time ago. Now they are instruments merely to see. The heart beats are measured and limited so may be breathing faster can just ring the timer. Create your own happiness, positivity, motivation and health you try to implement wisdom, but it is easier said than done. It is not ok to judge someone based on skin color, caste, religion, or country. It is not ok to hate someone because of their grades and body shape. You have no rights to question someone unless you, yourself, have done much better. You made this life a race which I refuse to run. The standards of being a good human based upon number of likes on Facebook and followers on Instagram is rendered useless when traits of someone who actually helps the world to be a better place is happily ignored. The destination is given more importance than the journey travelled. There are no such things as promises, all words said are mere speculations. Trust no man, no woman, nor a child, for you never know which one is sent just give you the drink with poison spiked. When will you learn? You cannot dictate to a person what they feel, emotions of their heart are not yours to stream. As you are online today commenting 'hot, sexy, cool' on someone's photo, how many of you bother to know her demons. With so many applications to stay connected and updated locations to post, how many actually wondered if she got back home? 'Gn.Sd.Tc' was the SMS you sent, did you check if she ever got enough rest?

What will you do when someone treats you the way you treat me today?What will you do when I show you your regrets come alive? When around your death-bed there will be no love, you will receive your answer loud and clear. No, this is not a bane nor a praise. None of this matters now though for some permanent effects will never be reversed, even if there is a feeling of remorse. 

I am tired. Tired of pretending for this mundane world. No longer can I take these fake blows. What I crave for is long gone. My story begun and abruptly paused. No one will ever know the importance of what I lost. I have been frantically searching for that one ray of hope to hold on, that hole from where the light penetrates the dark. Everything seems to be futile, all attempts are in vain, you did this to me but now it is I who suffers the consequences. I just wait, wait, and only wait, as along with hope leaves my breath. 

There is nothing you can do now. There is no one who can save. Blossomed dreams grow cold. These pair of eyes shut down forever. A broken heart leaves this world. 

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