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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Let the Phoenix be reborn

Pic courtesy: Lauri L

You know that sick feeling in your stomach when the world seems to pass by while you stay rooted to one spot. Stuck. Numb. Immobile. Perplexed you search for that one familiar hand to hold on but it's no longer meant for you. All you can do is leave. Tears serve no purpose nor do the thousand memories. When a soul loses to this materialistic world, it is universe that weeps for its own failure. You tried, baby girl, you really did. Your mistake? You put your whole heart to it. The knots in stomach increase as your will power diminishes. Come on let the tears flow and drain you out. It's only a while till you put up that brave face, you know that. Let the blackness engulf you. No one is here for you, don’t you dare cry for help. You betrayed it, crushed it, smashed it to dust and yet listen, listen you fool, the heart is willing to guide you. The stubbornness to avoid it is here to stay, even whilst heart beat slowdown in bits and pieces. The goosebumps are real, so is the cold, then what makes your heart warm now? Is it the stabs of hot knife across your throat? 

"Where to from here, Miss? Where does your road lead?" the guardian angel asks
As if in answer,  you succumb on ground and slowly realize; the way ahead is clouded, foggy, and that one hand, still remains missing.

Light withdraws itself as black becomes prominent. With no strength left to fight this sphere. There now, there flow those drops, are they tears or blood? The black round on red almond, eyes now have no strength to stay open. Who do you blame for what has become of you? Everyone in the world is to name a few. Let it be attributed to the stars who chose not to align, pin it on the universe where appeals go unheard, responsible are the planets for their unfaithful position, each one with overly high expectations in mundane world is accountable, liable are ones setting just for adjustment, culpable are those who migrated from lands far, and finally you, yourself, for being the one from a different era.

Close your eyes, baby girl, shut them now. Sleep, forever, let the phoenix be reborn!

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