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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Book review : For A Girl In A Star

Book: For A Girl In A Star
Author: Ratna Chandu


Two childhood friends. Two different personalities. Two lives. One disastrously beautiful story. Two best friends falling in love with the same girl. We have heard this before. Ofcourse. But the twists and turns in this story are far ahead of what you can imagine. Sahas and Avinash struggle with their feelings of friendship, love and family. How will they cope up with this? To add fuel to fire, Sahas runs into his father, the one who abondoned his mom and him when he was just a child. When these two diverses collide, hell breaks out. Will this friendship survive the bumpy, violent ride? Read and find out.

To read or not to read:

Most of the chapters are to the point with no batting around the bush. At times you may have read the sentence again just to realize the impact of what you have read. The language is simple, easy to comprehend, and it's a quick read. Carry this one in your Kindle for those boring travels and weekend mornings. Will definitely recommend and will wait for authors next one.

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