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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Book review : Flowers of Sapphire

Book: Flowers of Sapphire 
Connect with Author: Anubhav Srivastava (YourQuoteFacebookGoodreads)
Reviewed for: Half Baked Beans
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Story Review:

Love. An emotion we seldom feel, rarely create, and moreover, misjudge and misunderstand. Is it the same with Kafka and Vivah? Kafka has been in love before. Mira, she was the one, it has been three years since, but the memories are still fresh as if no time has passed in between. Vivah enters Kafka’s life and the equations start to change. Will Kafka be able to give up on the memories of Mira which he so dearly held on for such a long time? The romance is sensual, is it love though? Will this manifest into something which lasts? Open “Flowers of Sapphire” and keep on turning the pages to relinquish these questions you face.

To Read or Not To Read:

Although just an 80 pager book, Flowers of Sapphire is high intense read for a day which demands your complete attention. Hop, skip, and jump will not work as you read it slowly, taking your own sweet time, and consuming every word that the story narrates. Heavy words are used which makes it extremely necessary for the reader to capture the words to understand the true essence of the conveyed plot. Read the blurb and you shall know what you are aiming at. The storyline, concept, plot, and characters move in a definite synchronization and have a good buildup. Surely, you can settle down with this book for more than once and read it over again as if new and hence makes it a book to be kept on your shelf. A must read!  

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