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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Seven Sins

It's a typical Sunday morning,
The guests are just starting to float in. 

The sun is up and so is the decoration, 

Everything is perfect, and wheels are set in motion. 

On arrival the guests are greeted with sweets and smiles,

What do they hide behind it, all this while?

As the procession begins, things get more clear,

On the outside, they all are each others cheerleaders.

Some guests impatiently wait to be given attention,

Being center of attraction is only their motivation. 

Till then they talk about how they can pull off a better scene,

Greedy for attention and money-grubbing is plainly seen.

A little humour or a small discomfort is all it takes

It is a tiny dust of wrath but into a storm it bakes.

Little do they care of the functions and rituals,

As long as they showcase their outfits and rich jewels.

Gluttony! Their face may as well scream, 

"Foodfood, free food" with hunger they beam.

Arrangements are class apart,

Hard work of all, seen right from the start. 

Yet there are some who frown on impulse,

Envious that for them it is not done, they repulse. 

Right there! There in the corner, you see,

Is the father of the bride to be. 

Trying to make everything perfect for his little angel, 

Tired and tensed, sloth he must, for the story of his baby girl.

Dressed up in a flawless gown, 

Here comes the Bride! Twinkle in eyes, hazel and brown!

It's her day today, something she has imagined for years,

But quintessential is reality, far more superior.

She can feel the Groom staring at her, 

The desires, dreams, hopes and lust of the future together. 

Time halts in this moment of eye connection, 

The Groom proudly holds her hand and they move ahead in unison. 

In spite of all the theories, attending weddings, and articles read, 

Nothing can prepare them for their journey ahead. 

It's unique, it's theirs to write and experience,

They will have their own serious, humourous, joyous, crying, and emotional moments. 

What is to come is never known, 

Even if one wears the King's crown. 

Irrespective of how things have been, 

Everyone blesses the couple for a great beginning.

It's strange but as true as it can be, 
Envy, gluttony, greed, lust, wrath, sloth, and pride.

All the seven 'sins' of humanity,
Are present at a big, fat wedding!

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