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Friday, February 16, 2018

Book review : Kansa

Book: Kansa (Book No. 1 in Professor Black Series)
Author: Prassant Kevin

Story review:
A serial killer nicknamed as Kansa is on the prowl again. Killing pregnant women is his signature move. After about 40 murders, he has disappeared, living no trace or profound clues for investigators. As the case gathers dust, Maher is found shaken on highway, also shaking believe that Kansa has disappeared for good. ACP Saargi has the task of roping in one person who can stop Kansa, a person who is reluctant to get included in this investigation, Professor Black. Will ACP be able to rope him in? Will she be able to find and stop Kansa before he goes on killing spree again? Read to get your answers. 

To read or not to read:
The plot is certainly very intriguing and one of the kind. There are not many renowned Indian authors in this genre while Prassant Kevin has mentioned Kansa as a part of trilogy, which arises hopes of knowing more in-depth about Professor Black. Currently, Kansa leave the reader with many uncertain questions about parentage and age of Professor. The writing style is clear, content and free of grammatical errors. The plot keeps the interest of readers alive through every chapter. There definitely are few places where in detailed explanation are not needed (hopefully keeping in mind the future series) A must read for mystery lovers! And for those who don’t, this might be just the book you are looking for to generate interest in this genre. 

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