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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Book review: Something I Never Told You

Book: Something I Never Told Your
Author: Shravya Bhinder

Story Review:
Ronnie is certain of the fact that he is in love with Adira. However, he never manages to directly confess his feelings for her. Life is kind to him and offers a second chance to make sure that the bricks are placed in all the right places this time to build a strong foundation. Rajbir turns out to be the mentor or Love guru Ronnie needed to push himself in the right direction. Will Ronnie ever be able to confess his feelings to Adira? Even if he did, will she accept feelings of her friend to be more than just friends? This story is tells us how relationships mature over a period of time when one shows determination and has patience to allow the universe to unfold itself at its own pace.

To Read or Not To Read:
Have you ever been in love where the other person has made the intentions so blurred that you are not sure if they reciprocate your feelings or what to be left alone? Moreover, have you felt your heart burn in pain due to your one-sided love and expectations? Although some people may find it weird but those who can relate to the purest form, unconditional love, will know that this book is full of it. It is a journey where importance of communication and courage in relationships is portrayed beautifully. A hard-core romantic soul will surely enjoy this book. Looking forward to more of Shravya’s work in same genre. She definitely has a nag to capture emotions in beautiful way.

Pro Tip:
If you have a partner who loves to read love stories, romantic genre, or quick reads. “Something I Never Told You” will make a perfect gift for any of the occasion. 

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