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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Book review: The irony of Happy Muharram

Book: The irony of Happy Muharram 
Author: Syed Amjad Ali

Story review:
This book depicts the life of Indian Muslims through the binoculars of author Syed Amjad Ali. The title makes a lot more sense once you have read the book. The hilarious writing to explain serious issues, which most of the times arise unintentionally, has been beautifully depicted. Author has used his personal experiences to show the material state of Muslims names, their political leaders, and marriages in India. It is an eye-opener for everyone who has always portrayed Muslims and their traditions is a certain way.

To Read or Not To Read:

I have faced the very situation where your name is always misspelt, mispronounced or/and receiving emails addressed as ‘Dear Sir’ a number of times. I could definitely relate to the situation despite being a non-Muslim. The first chapter manages to grab your attention and makes sure you stay glued until the end of the book. The writing style is simple, sober yet classic. The author has captured a very realistic topic in a very light-hearted comic manner, a genre which is hard to deliver but comes naturally to Syed Amjad Ali. The topic lined up is very unique and definitely worth the read. 

(Book reviewed for Half Baked Beans)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Book review: Solitude and other obsessions

Book: Solitude and other obsessions
Poets: Uma, Binod, Trupti, Shruti and Saurin 
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This book is the result of 5 brilliant poets collaborating. The result is handful of emotions blending together to form a beautiful quilt through words. There is no particular theme or sequence in which the poems are arranged, the random words will take your mind to the soldiers once and bounce back to your partner the very next. The very first poem turned out to be my favorite along with “A constellation of perceptions” The poets have made a good attempt to mirror the obsessions of heart reflected by humans.

To Read or Not To Read

All the words we read or speak are mere combinations of 26 alphabets, yet they are relative to the reader, speaker, listener and writer. Poems function in a similar fashion, so they give a different meaning every time you read them.  Each poem of this book gives a whole new meaning to the concept of poetry. While some words had a good flow and easy to follow, others had be reading and re-reading to understand the context of line. Both are appreciated equally as one style of writing would have certainly got monotonous for reader to follow. Poetry lovers – grab your copy today itself!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Book review : Kansa

Book: Kansa (Book No. 1 in Professor Black Series)
Author: Prassant Kevin

Story review:
A serial killer nicknamed as Kansa is on the prowl again. Killing pregnant women is his signature move. After about 40 murders, he has disappeared, living no trace or profound clues for investigators. As the case gathers dust, Maher is found shaken on highway, also shaking believe that Kansa has disappeared for good. ACP Saargi has the task of roping in one person who can stop Kansa, a person who is reluctant to get included in this investigation, Professor Black. Will ACP be able to rope him in? Will she be able to find and stop Kansa before he goes on killing spree again? Read to get your answers. 

To read or not to read:
The plot is certainly very intriguing and one of the kind. There are not many renowned Indian authors in this genre while Prassant Kevin has mentioned Kansa as a part of trilogy, which arises hopes of knowing more in-depth about Professor Black. Currently, Kansa leave the reader with many uncertain questions about parentage and age of Professor. The writing style is clear, content and free of grammatical errors. The plot keeps the interest of readers alive through every chapter. There definitely are few places where in detailed explanation are not needed (hopefully keeping in mind the future series) A must read for mystery lovers! And for those who don’t, this might be just the book you are looking for to generate interest in this genre. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Book review: Something I Never Told You

Book: Something I Never Told Your
Author: Shravya Bhinder

Story Review:
Ronnie is certain of the fact that he is in love with Adira. However, he never manages to directly confess his feelings for her. Life is kind to him and offers a second chance to make sure that the bricks are placed in all the right places this time to build a strong foundation. Rajbir turns out to be the mentor or Love guru Ronnie needed to push himself in the right direction. Will Ronnie ever be able to confess his feelings to Adira? Even if he did, will she accept feelings of her friend to be more than just friends? This story is tells us how relationships mature over a period of time when one shows determination and has patience to allow the universe to unfold itself at its own pace.

To Read or Not To Read:
Have you ever been in love where the other person has made the intentions so blurred that you are not sure if they reciprocate your feelings or what to be left alone? Moreover, have you felt your heart burn in pain due to your one-sided love and expectations? Although some people may find it weird but those who can relate to the purest form, unconditional love, will know that this book is full of it. It is a journey where importance of communication and courage in relationships is portrayed beautifully. A hard-core romantic soul will surely enjoy this book. Looking forward to more of Shravya’s work in same genre. She definitely has a nag to capture emotions in beautiful way.

Pro Tip:
If you have a partner who loves to read love stories, romantic genre, or quick reads. “Something I Never Told You” will make a perfect gift for any of the occasion. 

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Block hole : Re-defined

Have you ever experienced that feeling when the last, tiny bit, miniscule of hope leaves you? 

Heart is just another muscle but you feel it stretch, break and fail. 

When you know you have all rights to scream, yell and shout but you choose to remain silent.

That moment when you decide to start walking and wander into a world unknown, where you see the canvas you so lovingly painted once with the colors of rainbow, the flowing stream, clear sky, high mountains accompanied with flowers.

Yes, the very canvas is now on floor, smeared with black. 

You want to paint over it but you have found liking to this new  darkness. 

That single second when your world retreated, concealed inside you and resulted into a black hole.


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