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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Woman Who Saw The Future : Book Review

Book: The Woman Who Saw The Future
Author: Amit Sharma
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The story revolves around Sapna who has been blessed with the ability to see the future. Reluctant to believe her at first, people finally come an inch closer to believing when Sapna uses this ability to save Kabir, a very well known business tycoon. Kabir offers Sapna to collaborate for a TV Show to make good use of her future-seeing abilities. This acts as the turning point for Sapna and those who relate to her for better or for worse is for you to find out once you get your hands on this book.

To read or not to read:
The plot line is unique and written in a simple language. The main character development is beautifully portrayed as we see Sapna transform herself from a mere next door college kid to a superwoman. The narration style of showing the story through various perspectives puts together the entire plot. However, as we proceed further into the book, the end gets a bit predictable. The final few chapters could have avoided spilling out extra information which elongated the story. The supporting characters have also been depicted in a good manner. Your weekends will be sorted with this one in your hand. The story grows on you eventually and you feel the characters crawl into scenes!

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