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Friday, December 29, 2017

Pinto Has An Idea - Book Review

Book: Pinto Has An Idea
Author: Rajeev Saxena


Rajat, fondly known as Pinto, wants to help everyone around him. He is a part of a middle class family and was initially home tutored. We see Pinto make his way all the way up to MIT and United States. Without letting success play games in his head, Pinto humbly returns to India to help the society at large, through his innovation solutions. However, will he be allowed to openly change the community without getting his hands dirty in the ongoing Indian politics and peak level corruptions? Will Pinto have the right kind of idea to get out these sticky situations? Read the book to find out!

To read or not to read:

A story which starts in good old time India and moves to various places, just like Pinto! Pinto starts as a young, curious boy and wants to change this world. However, the harsh reality of compels him to get into Politics. The story is essentially Pinto’s journey depicting how we can influence the situations around us with simply thinking outside the box or at times the solutions are crystal clear yet we are blinded to see them. Pinto has an idea makes a good read for those who would not mind carrying around the book for few days till it ends and enjoy a simple yet crisp language novels.

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