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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Book Review: A Quest for Spring

Book: A Quest for Spring
Author: Monica Majumdam Dixit
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Love works in mysterious ways. However, to understand it, one must truly feel it. Would you be willing to sacrifice your life for the person you love? Would you wait an eternity even when there are no hopes of reunion? Would you absorb the shocks of reunion when you finally see the life the other person has created without you? Amolika and Raehan are as diverse as they could be yet are pulled together by force of love. However, before the love could set in, their universes collide with such intensity that it destroys the life as they knew it. 

What Works!
The language is very comprehensible and explicit. You will know exactly what the character wants to convey and the internal quarrels of their mind, giving you a better character understanding necessary for plot. The story concept is unique and takes you thru time travel from Amolika’s childhood to the present day her. The point in the book where the title actually makes sense, loved the touch of it.

What Does Not!
The book gets predictable towards last bunch of chapters, could have probably been cut short to a more cleaner, straight to the point chapter. There were few writing errors, however does not hamper the story line. 

To Read Or Not To Read:
“Love is not something you decide. Love finds you in the most unusual of places and at the most unexpected times. It just happened and you don’t even realize it till you are deep into it. Suppose you were to fall in love with someone who is total contrast from what you are in every sense of the world, what would you do then?” – A question direct from the book, read the book to find the answer! After immense wait have I found a book which I could not part ways with, it had me clicking pictures on my cell of chapters at stretch so that I could read it even while I was working, definitely a must read!


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